Why CX Matters to Today’s Partners

Customer experience

… feeling toward them. It’s the same thing for the channel and vendors in this industry as well.

CP: What’s the level of awareness about the CX at channel IT firms?

CA: Partners are very early in the learning curve when it comes to CX right now. The awareness is happening, but whether there’s action being taken at a substantive level, has yet to be seen.

CP: What can attendees expect to learn at your presentation?

CA: I’m going to address some of the hurdles preventing some partner firms from focusing on the customer experience. I’ll also talk about the buyer’s journey road map and where partners can plug in, and I’ll discuss the research findings — where partners are today? Where they aspire to be? Are they incorporating some of the newer tools?

They’ll walk away with greater awareness that the CX is critical to their business and that if they don’t start to focus on more on the customer’s experience, not just on what they sell to them, but the entire gamut from the beginning of the engagement to the end, and ongoing management, that they’re at a competitive disadvantage to other firms that are spending time, money and effort on CX.

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