How Colocation Can Help Partners Boost Profit


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… available capacity. Especially when some end-user clients aren’t aware of the different ways to build flexibility into colocation contracts, helping them craft contract structures is a great partner differentiator.

CP: How can partners enhance their deployments and contract flexibility to entice customers to use their services?

KK: Growth in cloud computing and the variety of colocation offerings has led the end-user community to demand more contract flexibility. Channel partners can respond by tailoring their referral process and fee structure accordingly when flexibility is a paramount goal for some clients.

CP: Are there ways for channel partners to differentiate themselves for customers?

KK: A key challenge is demonstrating industry knowledge while appreciating ways channel partners can creatively suggest solutions to meet specific client needs. I’ve found that presenting case studies showing the value created by partners in meeting specific client needs helps prospective clients separate partners that seek to improve overall value form those who only seek another fee.

CP: What should customers be seeking when looking for a colocation partner? And how can channel partners work to meet those requirements?

KK: A well-designed and professionally operated facility is just the beginning. Customers should seek partners that seek win-win solutions, especially including flexible solutions, instead of high-cost contracts. Customers benefit from providers with great telecom network interconnectivity to maximize network resiliency and minimize latencies, especially valuable in the modern push toward edge deployments.

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