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Customer experience

… learn your customers’ communications preferences. It does not take a lot of work. That’s just learning how to have a conversation with them. It requires training. A lot of times we don’t have sales training that’s on a professional level that teaches these people how to effectively communicate with customers. Add a marketing discipline, whether that’s hiring somebody to do marketing or whether that’s training somebody internally.

CP: Are there any benchmarks for how those in the channel that have invested in providing better CX have impacted them?

CA: Metrics are very important. You don’t want to put a bunch of new things into place and then not measure whether they’re effective. We really advocate for making sure that you’re soliciting feedback on a regular basis from customers. This can be done with time tested customer-satisfaction surveys, which you would do annually, but I also recommend that you tap into customers more frequently than that, to see if your means to communication are effective. Track and quantify your customer retention rate. Customers don’t call you up and tell you in most cases unless something horrible is happening. If they’re unhappy with your performance and or service, they tend to just ghost you. And it’s best if you can try to measure that. And then by measuring and doing basic analysis around the things that you’ve put in place, you can then tweak and say, “This isn’t working. Let’s stop investing here; let’s start investing over there.” It’s critical to do a postmortem on any new initiative like this.

TB: There are countless research reports on the impact focusing on CX has to the bottom line. These reports validate that those who do this right have been able to charge a premium, have reduced customer defection, more consistency with growth and higher levels of customer engagement.

CP: Are those that aren’t really doing anything about this holding out because they think it’s a fad that will go away?

CA: I think most companies believe very strongly that the customer experience is critical. Whether or not they’ve done anything about it yet probably comes down more to resources than it does not believing that it’s an important thing for them to be doing.

JF: It’s definitely not a fad. CX is both the profit center and the central place of any business’ success in keeping and attracting customers. It’s no longer about differentiation; it’s about keeping consumer happy … and today’s new buyer is not brand loyal. Amazon and others have changed the buyer experience. It’s no longer business driven; it is customer driven.

TB: The best way for me to answer this and really for anyone to answer this is …well, what do their customers think? That is the only thing that matters — nobody else has their customers, employees, culture or business. So, if there is one thing that is important to the customers, it is service. And if they ignore that, then they will face difficulties in the future.

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