Help Coming to Partners Struggling with Implementing CX Strategies

Customer experience

… customer data which is being analyzed for predictive insights which can help serve the greater customer base better.

AR: We are seeing companies get creative! Whether it is engaging [with] humorous responses to customers on social media, or the use of video resources and live chat options on website, companies are working to meet the customer where they are and are being proactive in their efforts to add value. For example, at Parasol Alliance, we are working to embrace a concierge approach versus a traditional customer service approach for our service technicians who work with clients on a daily basis.

CP: Are you looking at this primarily from that lens of how partners interact with their clients? Or does it also relate to helping their clients address their own customer experience requirements?

CA: Well, that’s the holy grail. If you can help your customers provide superior customer experience for their own customers, you need to be cementing your relationship as a trusted adviser with the client. The downstream effect can be a service that you offer to the client on how they can improve customer service levels and communication techniques. And if you can do that on a consulting-type basis and maybe sell some services and product around that, it’s a win-win for both you, the partner and for the customer that you’re helping.

CP: How formidable of an investment is this?

CA: It really depends on what level of investment you’re able and willing to make. There are little tweaks that can be made in how you communicate with partners that aren’t going to be that costly. [Think] about overhauling the entire way that you work with customers; and by that, I mean adding some emerging capabilities to your website, or redesigning and redoing your entire website. And I don’t [just mean] aesthetically, but doing a complete platform overall, which is often part of improving the CX experience — getting that website to be just exactly what customers going to want.

TB: If a channel partner decides they want to invest in providing a better CX to both new and existing customers, it must become the true north for the company. But customers will only be as happy as the employees who serve them, design products for them, message them and interact with them. So the investments are heavy to enable people to have access to all customer data so they can serve them better. They need to be empowered at the front lines to do what is right for the customer without a lot of hassle. The metrics which drive behavior must be aligned to these new expectations. This is not about technology; it’s all about people and process.

CP: What are some of the first, easiest steps that they can take?

CA: It really depends on the type of company that you are, but certainly adding a channel on how you communicate with customers, including a social media component. Also, take the time to …

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