GTT Channel Chief Touts SD-WAN, Addresses ‘Misconceptions’


… of what GTT is and whom we serve today. My goal has been to push our channel managers out into the field more so that they can go and tell the GTT story. Every time we go and tell the GTT story, we typically walk away with a good-size deal and somebody saying, “I didn’t know you guys can do that,” or, “Hey, I didn’t GTT was that big, and you offered all that.” One of the reasons for changing the back office was to get our channel managers out meeting with partners and taking them through the whole GTT story.

CP: Anything else you want to add?

RW: It’s an exciting time. It’s an exciting time with everything going on in the industry today. It’s an exciting time with the our launch of SD-WAN. With our integration of Interoute. We’re actually more dense in Europe than we are in the U.S. today. We’ve got a lot of assets we’re putting in place. We went from 350 PoPs to 600 PoPs. It’s an exciting time for being at GTT. There’s so much opportunity.

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