GTT Channel Chief: Midmarket Pursuit Is Top Goal


… SD-WAN and [dedicated internet access].

CP: What do you hope to have accomplished a year from now?

RW: A year from now, I want to have the back office that is more scalable than we are today with the Access Point folks. That’s one of my key initiatives. And then getting and ramping up the team that comes in, and being able to have that double-digit revenue growth that we had in 2018. So I want to do what we did in 2018 and put it a little bit more on steroids.

It’s a really exciting time, especially at GTT, with the opportunities that we’re seeing in the channel. We’re really moving the ball downfield on SD-WAN opportunities. That seems to be a really big play. A year-and-a-half ago, people were kicking the tires on SD-WAN and they’re actually buying it today. And that’s exciting to see.

CP: What do you envision in terms of GTT’s channel strategy three or so years from now?

RW: I think we’re going to continue to obviously grow, especially as we add in new companies. Our product set will grow so we’ll be able to go deeper in these companies. I’m also seeing more of the master agents in the United States start to branch out into Europe and opening offices in London. I’ve gotten calls from several of my counterparts around the world saying we’re interested in starting this program so I think that the program is just going to expand on a global basis.

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