GTT Channel Chief: Midmarket Pursuit Is Top Goal


… obviously we do a lot of M&A, but we integrate the companies in a relatively quick fashion where we integrate network and then we also have one system that we use … and every single customer that we acquire goes into the same system.

So from a customer and agent perspective, you’re able to do reporting … and there’s one system to look at for better customer service. So we are really good at M&A and obviously we do a lot of them, so we’re not like some of the other telecom companies out there that have different-colored networks that they call and there’s confusion over when a customer calls in of where they are … because we’re in one system. So we’re totally integrated, which is great.

CP: What are the biggest challenges facing GTT and its partners, and what will be your role in addressing those?

RW: Our biggest challenge right now is [that] we’ve had substantial growth in the channel, and then with adding the new midmarket team in, my biggest task that I want to accomplish in the first quarter is to, with the Access Point folks coming in, revamp the back office so that I can support the growth and be able to give those partners the ease of doing business and at a quicker pace. We’ve had really good growth up to now and we need to continue to accelerate that.

CP: What have you been hearing from partners in terms of what they like or don’t like about working with GTT, and what they would like to see changed?

RW: I think it goes back to, can we support them? Can we have more support folks that are agent-facing so that they have somebody to call in and talk to when working on proposals — and things of that nature. And we also went out and hired a marketing manager dedicated just to the channel (Mary Ann Chudina, national partner programs manager, channel marketing). She started just a week ago and so she’s going to help us with all those initiatives so that when we work with a master agent we’re getting the messaging out and working the events, and really helping us to be able to scale. So I’m really excited with revamping the back office, adding the team for midmarket and then having this channel person come in to really help us put this thing together.

CP: What’s your take on the overall competitive landscape and where GTT fits into that?

RW: We are extremely competitive domestically as well as internationally, and we fit really well into multilocation deals. And the reason I say domestically as well as internationally is a lot of folks look at us as an international provider with our acquisition of Interoute, but we do as much business domestically as we do internationally. The exciting thing about it is when you [become] a domestic company that has an international presence, the competition drops down. There [aren’t] as many people who are out there that are doing that, so we’re winning a lot of these big global deals that are U.S.-based companies that are manufacturing companies and have a presence outside of the United States, and that’s a really big sweet spot for us today, as are …

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