Google-mageddon Approaches: Is Your Site Safe?


… help customers transform their sites to encrypted status and to ensure that all the coding on the website reflects that change.

An alternative for customers with very small sites, sporting only a few pages, is simply to purge the old website, re-establish it as an encrypted site from the get-go and then rebuild the pages from scratch.

Of course, there are also any number of web hosts and security providers more than happy to work with partners to encrypt customer sites. But the bottom line is that all businesses need to get their encryption done one way or another before July. Already Google is penalizing the SEO of HTTP sites. Adding encryption sooner rather than later will ensure your or a customer’s site is not branded as Not Secure. Experts expect that come July, encryption-for-a-fee providers will be expensive and busy as companies become desperate for that service.

“It’s important that internet users understand the extent to which security is addressed in the services they use, from websites to IoT devices,” says Chris Richter, vice president, global security services, CenturyLink. As a trusted adviser, this is a prime opportunity to get your customers ahead of “Google-mageddon.”

Joe Dysart is an internet speaker and business consultant based in Manhattan. Reach him at or on his HTTPS-enabled website.

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