Going Global: The Channel’s Expanding Horizons

Global opportunity

Ellis BookerBy Ellis Booker

Partners have good reason to adopt a more worldly outlook: Customers want global reach, emerging markets offer serious growth potential and suppliers stand ready and able to support an international sales strategy. The election of Donald Trump is seen by companies currently selling outside the United States as giving a boost to their global ambitions, according to a new survey by Channel Partners and 451 Research. They’re not all that worried about Brexit, either.


Our top-line finding: The world could be your oyster — if you have the gumption to reach out and grab it.

“We have no issues selling internationally, other than keeping up with demand,” said Cliff van Tonder, executive vice president, alliance partners at Avoka, which specializes in helping financial services firms with customer-centric digital transformations. “We’re averaging about 40 percent [of revenue] in Europe, 35 percent and growing in the USA.”

The online Global Channel survey, conducted between January and February 2017, attracted more than 150 qualified respondents. Most, 56 percent, sell outside the United States now, with an additional 15 percent saying they intend to ramp up global sales within 24 months.

Forty percent said the results of the 2016 presidential election will help global business prospects either significantly (22 percent) or somewhat (18 percent) versus 28 percent who see Trump’s win as a negative. Intriguingly, one respondent said the Trump administration, which has consistently vowed to eliminate what it contends are burdensome government regulations, will help no matter …

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