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While carrier’s carriers are finding a play in providing services to mobile operators, one telecom broker also has found a niche with PCS providers. Paradigm Telecom has cultivated a business of helping these wireless carriers specify and source network and equipment via a single point of contact.

Paradigm was established in May 2001 by a group of former CLEC and IXC executives looking for a ‘long-standing opportunity’ and an angel investor.

Karen Toth

Paradigm is now owned by CEO Karen Toth, her husband and the company’s Vice President of Operations and Engineering Ed Toth, and President and CFO John Campbell. The company now has eight consultants on staff and reports 150 percent growth in 2004 over 2003; a 200 percent increase is expected in 2005.

Karen Toth says the privately held company has a traditional enterprise initiative, but 80 percent of its business is focused on serving PCS carriers - an opportunity she discovered quite by accident. After securing a first sales meeting with a PCS carrier, Toth learned the operator just had two circuits cut off by its present provider - a CLEC - over a billing dispute. Since many of the carriers in Paradigm’s portfolio were competitive providers, Toth went into the meeting expecting it to be very short.

“I told him, just give me 20 minutes and if you don’t like what I have to say, I will never call you again.” By the end of the meeting, she had the company’s circuits turned back on and an agreement to provide two more through Paradigm.

From that day, Paradigm has expanded its services for PCS carriers, helping them to design their networks, including locating cell towers, and brokering the pieces - long-distance, SONET rings, local loops, cross-connects and equipment with providers it represents on an agency or wholesale basis. Paradigm provides its network design, project planning and testing services free to the PCS operator and is paid by its vendors, which number more than 50, Toth says.

Paradigm maintains master service agreements with its PCS carrier clients, so that any new vendors it brings to the project automatically are covered. “This allows Paradigm to create end-to-end solutions for its customers while providing big savings for the PCS carrier because it is a painful and lengthy process to negotiate MSAs with every vendor,” says Toth.

About a dozen regional and national operators have engaged Paradigm’s services, including Verizon Wireless and Nextel.

Toth says the primary benefits to the carrier are complete solutions for customer needs, 24×7 customer service; one point of contact for ordering facilities and problem resolution; accurate billing; and multilevel project management on a national, regional or local basis.



Paradigm Telecom

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