Fusion Connect’s New CEO: Updated Go-To-Market Strategy Coming



… demanding customer you’ll ever have; and rightly so, because their entire livelihood is based on not only taking care of the end user. You have to take care of the end user. And you have to take care of your partner and your partner’s lifeblood. That residual that they end up getting is critical. That’s why I also focus so heavily on the customer experience. Because if we do our jobs right as as a provider and a supplier, that customer will never leave. And not only will they never leave, they will continue to buy additional products and services, particularly as the world changes technologically.

If you are a a good supplier that really focuses on partners, you’re going to focus on what makes them tick, which is taking care of the end user and taking care of them and the residual stream, and so it’s very simple. I’ll focus very heavily on how easy is it for partners to be able to do business with Fusion. And I will focus heavily on being able to improve how to make it easier to do business with Fusion. And as we improve that partner experience, the end user experience naturally improves unto itself. … The whole company runs better when you focus on the partner community. Hopefully they’re excited that I’ve taken over as CEO of the company.

CP: What have you been doing since becoming CEO and what’s on your to-do list?

BC: Being in the COVID-19 world that we’re in today, I am a virtual CEO. One thing about me is I’m definitely a people person. I love spending time with the team, with the partners and with our end users. I love being out in the field. It’s a world where you really can’t do that right now. So we are living eight to 10 hours a day on video with all of our various team members — and I’m learning about the company. I spend pretty much every waking hour learning about all the great things that Fusion is and all the various components. And I’m working with the whole senior team on that updated strategy.

So what’s at the top of my to-do list is really coming up with an updated go-to-market strategy. Right now we are kind of all things to all people. If anyone wants something, we could probably sell it to them. And I believe that we should be a bit more focused. So we’re going to spend more time coming up with a much more focused and defined value proposition. That’s who are we, where do we fit in the market, where do we have the right to win. And where do we have a good fit for our partners and our end users?

[Also], how do we end up then coming up with, rather than just individual products … streamlined offerings of bundled products to better meet our customers’ business needs? So we’re going to spend more time on aligning our offerings and really having it where partners can understand when should they look at Fusion for a potential partner for their customer, and when should they probably look to other providers for other things.

The other thing that we’re going to focus on very heavily is a materially improved customer experience. We are looking at every single customer touch point, and any things that may be considered dissatisfiers; we’re looking at how we change the overall process or technology, or whatever the issue may be to actually improve that overall customer experience. If we can improve that …

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