Fusion Connect’s New CEO: Updated Go-To-Market Strategy Coming



… continue to shift. We ended up building a UC platform ourselves, and that ended up becoming what is known today as [Windstream’s] OfficeSuite. We built that from scratch to a top 10 UC platform for seven-plus years running prior to selling to Windstream.

When Windstream bought us in 2017, I stayed aboard about a year and helped with the transition, ran a $1 billion-plus division there and helped with the strategy of transforming to offer UC and application-layer services, and cloud services as the transformation component for the business to be able to meet all customers’ needs. And that’s really what we’re going to be doing here.

We recently compiled a list of 20 top UCaaS providers offering products and services via channel partners.

We’ve got a lot of great assets, and we’ve got a lot of great customers on legacy products as well as on next-generation products. But I do think we’ve got a pretty robust suite of services for all of our customers. And we’re going to focus very heavily on being able to not only try to be trusted advisers to our prospective customers in the market, but also, how do we really become trusted advisers to our existing customers, many of which may have just basic services? And how can we end up helping them with whatever their IT or whatever their digital transformation is, by offering them the full depth and breadth of the portfolio that we have at Fusion.

CP: Are there particular challenges associated with becoming the CEO of a company through went through chapter 11 bankruptcy?

BC: I actually look at it as there are particular opportunities that we can take advantage of by being a CEO that is taking over a company that has gone through a restructuring. I definitely spend a lot of time talking to our customers, our partners and our employees, and really spending time with them talking about the long-term strategy of the company, where we’re taking the business and why you should believe in us. But more importantly is what most people hear: “Oh, the company went bankrupt.” Well, that’s clearly a process that many organizations have gone through. But when you emerge from a restructuring process, you’re essentially the healthiest the company is ever going to be, and we are as well.

We are extremely healthy financially as an organization. We shed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of debt off of our balance sheet and we’ve got new equity holders that are extremely excited about where we’re taking the company. And we have a very supportive board of directors, and very supportive shareholders. They’re really interested in long-term success.

Not only are we very financially sound, but we have an extremely strong cash position to be able to actually now go forward and invest in the business. We really couldn’t do much of that in the last several years. So we’re now going to be investing heavily in our products, our solutions and our overall customer experience, as well as in our people, and really helping where we can get to the point where we can compete at the highest levels on a national basis. So we are positioned now for growing this business and investing in this business, and truly being able to do something with it that the company just didn’t have the financial wherewithal to be able to handle prior to this.

CP: What would be your message to Fusion’s partners? What does your role as CEO mean to them?

BC: Partners are the most …

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