FCC Rules on Fiber Builds to Apartments

Posted: 9/2004

FCC Rules on Fiber Builds to Apartments

By Josh Long

The FCC says the biggest local phone companies building fiber networks to predominantly residential multi-unit buildings don’t have to lease the infrastructure to rivals.

The ruling comes in the wake of the commission’s Triennial Review Order last year, which freed incumbent phone companies such as BellSouth Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc. from having to rent fiber networks extending to homes to their competitors. The commission says the ruling would increase incentives for the biggest local phone companies to build broadband networks.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell says as many as one in three Americans live in high-rise buildings.

“Today we take another step toward ensuring that all Americans, not just those residing in single family homes, will reap the benefits of the information age,” he said the day the ruling was issued.

In dissenting remarks, FCC commissioner Michael Copps says the decision would result in fewer broadband choices for consumers and small businesses and ‘saddles every state commission in this country with the task of determining just what buildings in their state fit the blurry parameters of ‘primarily residential.'”


BellSouth Corp.
Verizon Communications Inc.

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