Extreme Networks: We’re Growing and ‘Ready for a Fight’


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… as much knowledge as possible. And then also automation;, they’re looking for some of our systems and tools to be more automated so that they can self-serve, they can quote, configure and price solutions. And also they’re looking for new revenue streams, and that’s where the Smart OmniEdge comes in. There’s an opportunity for them to get to the customers they’re not getting to today with that technology.

CP: What’s the second half of the calendar year looking like for Extreme and its partners?

GM: This fiscal year for us that’s drawing to a close was one of acquisition and integration. Looking forward it’s going to be about growth, and driving growth together with the partners on what is a very strong foundation. So we’ll be focusing more of our time, energy and resources on partners that are going to deliver us growth. And the theme for the partner conference, things we’re thinking about, is it’s going to be a year of automation and transformation to enable that growth. We believe we have all the right assets and we’ve got them all well positioned, and we’ve got a strong partner program, and we need to automate now and transform, and differentiate the customer experience — and then we need to grow.

CP: At last fall’s conference, much of the talk revolved around Extreme continuing to gain enterprise market share as Cisco and HPE were distracted. Has that happened?

GM: I point to our success with deal registration and new customers increasing from our partners. If they’re winning more new customers, they’re winning them at the expense of the competition. So partners are playing a critical role in all of this. We are still by far the most profitable networking vendor in the industry; we are the most focused on this enterprise networking space and now we’re positioned to move with more agility than ever before. When I talk to partners who are selling into the networking space, the key to it is profitability, and profitability isn’t just the partner program, it’s also the fact that we’re not overdistributed. We’ve done a great job through the acquisitions of consolidating our distribution partners and now focusing in on a subset of the channel, focusing our resources there because we don’t want to become Cisco and HPE, we don’t want to become overdistributed. And that’s how automation will deliver the the agility and the self-serve that the channel needs. And we’re just going to continue to focus on the enterprise space. Nothing’s changed, it’s just getting better and better for partners who are selling into the enterprise networking market. We’re going to continue our goal and drive to No. 2 in the market.

We’re going for growth, we’re ready for a fight and we want to be aggressive. We want to partner with the right partners. This is going to be a fantastic year ahead.

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