AT&T Taps New Partner Exchange Leader, Hones 5G, Security, IoT


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CP: Is security one of those topics where partners want more education and training?

ZH: No question about it. Most of our partners want to learn about security, 5G and IoT. Those seem to be top of mind with our partners. AlienVault is a very hot topic for us.

As you heard from Barmak [Meftah] at Fusion, we believe it’s a category-builder. In the security space, you’ve got a lot of point solutions, and AlienVault does a great job giving you a cloud-based solution that essentially consolidates the need to have all of these different point solutions. It’s been really well received by the partners. We’ve actually seen a lot of great activity with AlienVault already.

CP: Any other updates?

ZH: There’s a big update that I’ll share with you.

AT&T's Randall Porter

AT&T’s Randall Porter

We do have a leadership change. Randall Porter was running Partner Exchange for us. He has been with Partner Exchange since day one. A very highly respected leader in the channel. He is known really well there; they’re very close to him.

He is moving on to a new assignment. He is still going to be in national business working for Anne Chow. He is going to be taking over the midmarkets part of our business, which was formerly headed by Chris Percy. Chris Percy is retiring. Randall is going to move to the direct sales side of things. Really sad to see Randall go. He’s such a special leader, and he had been on the indirect side for quite some time. I think he’d add a tremendous amount of value on the direct side of things. And as you know, we’re so closely tied with the direct side in terms of our channel strategy. We believe he’s going to be a tremendous advocate of ours. It’s going to be great for him and our program as well.

Sara Straley, who has also been with Partner Exchange since day one, is going to take over for Randall. She is going to be running all of sales as well as all of marketing. Sara is one of our best marketing leaders in all of AT&T, and she has done a tremendous job leading a big part of our strategy on the indirect side. Randall had everything to do with sales. Sara will take over essentially everything Randall had, but because she’s such a special marketing leader, I wanted to keep marketing with her.

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