AT&T Taps New Partner Exchange Leader, Hones 5G, Security, IoT


… enabling. I would say my second highlight was the sheer number of positive things that we were able to bring to the channel. That is a huge testament to the team here at AT&T Partner Solutions.

Certainly Fusion was a huge highlight. Bringing them all together and doing an event that we believed would be the best in the industry really lived up to its promise. When I looked at the
NPS scores of the event afterward, our solution providers just absolutely loved it. Comments like, “We believe AT&T’s never been more serious about their investment in the channel.”

CP: What are your predictions and goals for 2019?

ZH: Success begets success. Big performance in a year requires you to perform again. We are in 2019 with similarly bullish goals. Without question my goal is to be standing in front of you at Fusion and sharing that we followed a year where we had substantial growth with another year of pretty significant growth.

With regards to the formula, it’s going to be the exact same thing. It’s going to be the three things that I talked about. It’s going to be continuous investment in our channel programs. It’s going to be looking at enabling more solutions for our solution providers, especially as the world around us is transforming and these trends are disrupting industries. And the third is continuing to be easier and easier to do business with from a solution-provider standpoint.

CP: Do you have any APS updates since Fusion?

ZH: Another thing we heard at Fusion was: Solution providers loved the content in the sense that it gave them very clear direction of where AT&T is going. But they wanted to get a little bit deeper. They wanted to have more technical conversations. “How am I going to package this IoT solution? How am I going to pitch this to customers? What does the post-sales experience look like?” So they had a lot of practical questions, a lot of tactical questions.

We’re going to have five road shows in the first half of the year. These are really to roll up our sleeves and spend time with our partners to share with them AT&T product knowledge and give them opportunity to network with each other for shared learning. We’re going to talk to them about some day-to-day things they do around tooling, compensation, whatnot. These are not going to be as large as Fusion, but they’re going to be pretty sizable. Maybe over two days we would be talking to 100 participants. We’re calling them “Road Shows” for Alliance and Partner Exchange, and we’re going to have them in Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Anaheim.

That’s more around continued investments in the channel. We talked about [market development fund] programs last year. We’re constantly adding resources; that’s [occurring] on an ongoing basis.

With regards to enabling new solutions, we made some big announcements around AlienVault (the cybersecurity provider AT&T acquired last year). We had talked about a couple of IoT solutions. You’re going to see more of the same this year, especially as we continue to invest in …

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