Posted: 2/2002



* Buyers United Inc., a national consumer membership organization that offers discounted monthly essential services, announced in December a partnership with LowerMyBills.

com, an online marketer of long distance and other monthly services. Under the agreement, Buyer’s United will be listed as a telecom service provider on the comparison-shopping site.

“We began testing with LowerMyBills several months ago to see if we could acquire new long-distance customers for a reasonable and fixed marketing expense,” said Douglas Smith, Buyers United’s marketing vice president.

* In November, Global Prepaid Alliance (GPA) launched an eCommerce portal for prepaid communications services. PrepaidOnline.

com features prepaid phone cards, and the company is adding other prepaid services such as gift cards from nationally recognized retailers, gas cards, airline tickets and accommodations.

To use, customers select a product, enter account information and pay using a secure checkout process. Consumers immediately receive a ready-for-use online PIN, which also can be used participating companies’ retail locations. Cards bought from Prepaid offer services at a 10 percent discount. GPA is seeking affiliates to receive a turnkey package, including a free, fully functional e-commerce website with free hosting, free automated marketing and free transaction processing.

* DigiTerra Broadband, a division of Digi-Terra Inc., has signed an agreement with Imagitas, a government solutions company, to make Broad-bandCompass available through the U.S. Postal Services’ online change-of-address service Movers

With BroadbandCompass, users can determine service availability and place secure orders

with providers, such as AT&T Broadband, Comcast, Qwest, Earthlink, PacBell, DirecTV DSL and BellSouth. will link to a site based on the BroadbandCompass platform but created exclusively for the USPS site, called GotBroad Here users will be provided with secure availability and ordering information across DSL and cable modem technologies. Ads promoting the site will be in the 72 million Mover’s Guides distributed annually.

* Be Free Inc. is offering customers insight into the cost-effectiveness and ROI associated with its affiliate and performance-based online marketing programs by integrating its BFAST partner marketing service with Coremetrics’ eLuminate Commerce marketing analytics solution.

The module will give Be Free’s customers a way to analyze the effectiveness of their Be Free marketing programs, including customer acquisition and retention costs and the lifetime value of customers acquired through Be Free marketing programs.

Be Free’s BFAST service allows a business to manage and track strategic partners and affiliates, and compensates the selling partners based on performance.
Coremetrics’ Core Data Platform is a data warehouse of online customer behavior for analysis using eLuminate Commerce, custom reporting by
Coremetrics, and integration with third-party applications.


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