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Posted: 12/2001


News Briefs

*, a portal that allows consumers and small businesses to compare and select an Internet service provider, has added RCN Cable and Time Warner-Indianapolis to its list of ISP partners. A division of Indiana-based Telamon Corp.(, ibuybroadband recently signed ISP agreements with Comcast-Indianapolis, DirecTV DSL, Earthlink and Qwest Communications International Inc. To shop for services at, visitors enter their zip code and telephone number to find services offered by partners.

* CarrierChoice, a Pennsylvania-based company that allows businesses to compare high-end telecommunications services on the web, has partnered with Ardent Communications. Ardent offers high-speed Internet access, web hosting, collocation, advanced multilocation connectivity, e-mail, virtual private network and DNS services. Ardent serves about 20,000 business customers in the United States.

* If you want to sell your products on the web, make it is easy for people to buy something. This is the common-sense advice from research firm IDC. IDC’s eWorld 2001 Survey shows web sites designed to make online buying easier for the consumer can triple Internet revenue.

The proclamation is not surprising, but the research firm’s analysis suggests some companies offering web sales are shooting themselves in the foot.

For instance, IDC found about one-third of web sites offer online ordering, but only 10 percent accept online payment. Companies that have web sites, which accept online payments, say they received almost 15 percent of their revenue last year from online sales, and they expect the figure to grow to 20 percent in 2001, according to the research firm.

At the same time, companies that have web sites offering product information only say 2 percent of their revenue last year was derived from the web, according to IDC. Companies offering online ordering capability and product information say 3 percent of revenue was generated online; and they expected the number to jump to 8 percent in 2001. Companies offering customer support as well as online ordering and product information fared even better, generating 7 percent of

revenue online, according to IDC.

The main message: Companies should put themselves in their customers’ shoes and ask, how easy is it really to buy something on the web?

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