E-Channel: Rolls Out New Portal

Posted: 10/2000 Rolls Out New Portal
By Tara Seals Inc. (,
an Atlanta-based ISP, has announced alliances with strategic partners that will
add offerings such as long-distance calling to the portfolios of the dot com’s

The company also has launched a financial web portal that will give agents access to value-added products, such as back-office and debt management. believes its decision to use channel partners will be the key to its success.

company initiated its expansion through an alliance with Atlanta-based Avana
Communications Inc. (,
an ICP. The union offers its agents, known as "I-Associates,"
long-distance and toll-free calling, and calling card services.
also established a strategic partnership with Palm Beach, Fla.-based (, a
Spanish-language financial portal. says its mantra is “helping Middle America to discover and maximize the utility of the Internet.”

Its 30,000 I-Associates function as personal consultants to friends or neighbors who are new and inexperienced Internet users. Each I-Associate acts as an independent agent for business partners.

Between alternate channel distribution and the alliances, president Jonathan Berger believes his company, founded in January, will have a positive cash flow early next year.

“Unlike the innumerable dot-com contenders out there, we have a solid, proven business model and solid performance record,” notes Berger. “Our advantage lies in our 30,000 I-Associates who personally interact with our customers while providing our products and services. We have essentially married a traditional, proven way of selling with the greatest business tool of the 21st century, and we are rapidly beginning to reap the rewards.”

company also launched DotMoney. com, a vertical financial portal, as a resource
for small and medium-sized businesses and families unfamiliar with the financial
resources available through the Internet. It offers a selection of investment
and advisory options.’s agents earn commissions by driving traffic
to the site and selling the services of strategic partners.

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