Posted: 03/2002



* WebIT USA has launched
WebHostStreet (,
a self-service website designed to provide affordable web hosting services to
small and medium-sized businesses. For as low as $5.95 per month, customers get
10mb disk space, 1gb of web traffic, unlimited e-mail, a control panel and lots
of other features. Other Unix web hosting packages allow the business customer
to expand as their needs grow. Packages include other features such as e-mail
accounts, SSL, shopping cart and "build your own web site" tools, 24
pre-installed CGI scripts and WebiT USA technical support. Customers are given
several options for contacting technical support: a toll-free number, or
web-based support through ChatMonster and TicketMonster.

* MaraStar Communications
unveiled SaleZmail (,
which enables business-to-business salespeople to e-mail sales-focused
animations to their prospects and customers. Salespeople can select an animation
from the subscription-based site, modify the generic sales message provided and
e-mail their customers a link to the animation. Each animation has a unique
approach to a specific sales issue that helps open the lines of communication
with prospects and customers. The categories include prospecting, thank yous,
appointment confirmations, holidays, apologies and more.

One animation, from the referral
category, has a 1920’s Flapper approaching a speakeasy. She mentions a person’s
name and gains entry. A tagline reads, "Your referral was a real door
opener. Thanks.

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