Don’t Be Antisocial – Making Sense and Use of Social Media

Social Media Icons

… personal and professional interests, topics that interest people you’re connected with, and industry happenings and trends.

And, just like you’re working the room at a cocktail party, strike up conversations with others by soliciting their opinions. Also, befriend industry influencers, such as analysts and bloggers, by replying to their posts and sharing them. When you engage with influencers, it enhances your profile and they also appreciate it.

Stop Worrying

It’s not uncommon that people are concerned about using social media because they’re afraid that their digital conversations and followers will reveal their business relationships and customers to competitors. The reality is, if your relationships with customers and partners aren’t strong enough to withstand an appeal from a competitor who discovered them because they follow you on a social network, it’s only a matter of time before you lose them anyway.

In my experience, social media has had the opposite effect — improving customer retention and making companies more accessible, and real. With a presence on social media, you make it easier for customers to connect and interact with you, and build loyalty and advocacy. The majority of Americans who follow brands on social networks are more loyal to those brands. This is especially true of adults ages 18-44, making social-media networking important for your business today, but even more so tomorrow. It’s time to get social.

Jennifer Anaya is vice president of marketing for Ingram Micro North America. In this role, she is responsible for directing the activities of Ingram Micro’s marketing organizations across the United States and Canada.

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