Don’t Be Antisocial – Making Sense and Use of Social Media

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… being active for a week and disappearing for a month will lead to disappointing results.

Channel Surf

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all terrific channels for business. Which ones you devote your limited time and resources to depends largely on your customer base. Do some due diligence by searching for customers and business colleagues in the various channels. Note their level of activity and choose your channels accordingly.

The big three for business:

  • Facebook offers the largest blend of demographics of any social channel, but is particularly popular with adults ages 25-54, many of whom access the site several times a day. It’s also the easiest to manage and allows for what many marketers consider the best possible targeting with advertising. At Ingram Micro, we’ve had a lot of success with pulling website visitors from Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is considered the best B2B social channel as it’s the easiest one for connecting with business professionals. LinkedIn prioritizes relationship building and offers a group or multiple groups for just about every industry and vertical imaginable. It’s easy to join groups and start engaging with peers about relevant topics of mutual interest. Advertising on LinkedIn can get expensive, but it’s inexpensive to be actively participating; nurture a following and post content to draw visitors to your website.
  • Twitter is great for sharing news, content and photos, and your posts can go viral. That’s helpful because the more people who share your posts and retweet them, the more followers you attract. You also can grow your followers or audience by retweeting colleagues and industry influencers who have lots of followers to increase the chances of them following you back. One easy and often fun way to engage people on Twitter is to post your own polls. You simply ask a question and give viewers a choice of two to four answers.

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform, and Pinterest, another photo-centric channel, are additional options but don’t have the B2B impact of the other three.

Think Cocktail Party

When you’re at a cocktail party with colleagues, you don’t go on and on about how awesome you are, or your company is, or disparage your competition — because that reflects badly on you personally and professionally. You also don’t talk business non-stop. So … don’t do that on social media either.

Some additional tips:

Don’t talk about financial matters, things you don’t know about or polarizing topics such as politics, religion, sex, etc. Instead, talk about …

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