Does Your Brand Play Well in the Digital Economy?

Building a brand

… very dry and robotic. But at the end of the day, there’s still a person buying from you. We advocate for partners to stop ticking boxes and start talking about the emotions behind the purchase. You’re selling a product that solves a problem, and there are emotions around that problem. Triggering those feelings can really help your brand.

The pace of change is accelerating, and it’s harder and harder to keep your brand fresh and make sure your marketing and messaging aligns with what you’re actually selling. If you focus on the emotion and business outcomes as opposed to the technology, then you’ll never be misaligned between the branding and what you’re selling.

CP/CF: It’s interesting to hear brands have become old and stale. Many channel partners are aging out as well.

SC: That’s why rebranding is really important. If you’re trying to attract top talent from the millennial segment, aesthetics along with the right message are important. What are the things you value? Where are you doing your marketing? Do you have a strong online presence? These are all things that people take into consideration when looking at their job options.

You need to indicate that you’re on the forefront and not an old, stale company. That’s not fun. Nobody wants to do that when there are other options out there.

CP/CF: What will be the big takeaway in your session?

SC: I’ve got four takeaways. One, a brand isn’t transactional but a philosophy that gets executed consistently across the marketing mix and even into the customer user experience. Two, a brand doesn’t need to be so robotic. Three, if you focus on the product or technology, you’re always going to find yourself behind. Four, a brand is very strategic with lots of components.

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