Disruption Rules at Synnex’s Biggest Inspire Event

Digital Disruption

… that grow quite a bit.

[Polk replaced former president and CEO, Kevin Murai, who stepped down earlier this year after holding that position for 10 years. After stepping down, Murai became chairman of the board for Synnex.

CP: So what do you expect to see in the market over the next 12 months?

BS: From my angle, we’re pretty clear on what top priorities we hear our partners talking about, and [those are] cloud, mobility and IoT — by far No. 1. We’re moving those three areas together from an organizational standpoint, so customers can rely on us to deliver comprehensive solutions in that space.

Another big area is taking a vertical-market focus. We always encourage our customers to find their vertical area, and we’ve been telling them this for years — don’t try to be all things to everybody, especially if you’re an SMB. Pick out the things that are most important in your market and that you can do.

The last area we’ve seen tremendous growth for our customers is services — it’s become huge. Westcon has a great service organization and program for certifications.

Overall, it encourages me that our customers are very upbeat, and their energy is unwavering.

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