Dell EMC’s Cheryl Cook: Channel Challenge Accepted

Take the challenge

… hold ourselves accountable to get good, inclusive, diverse candidate lists so that we’re giving people opportunities to step into these roles,” she said.

Firms need to challenge their talent acquisition teams, revisit internal referrals and, when looking at external candidates, make sure that those lists are broad and representative to help open up and create new opportunities.

Leading in this time of monumental change in the tech sector can be both stimulating and exhausting — and there’s no sign we’re slowing down, given digital transformation. “The pace is like nothing we’ve seen before,” Cook said. “It can be invigorating, stimulating and overwhelming. I tell my colleagues to stay focused on their priorities, helping their team, the customers and partners.”

Leaders at channel organizations should think about doing the same. But remember, you need enough fuel in the engine to address the dizzying pace of change in the industry — and that’s all about work/life balance. Give yourself permission to be flexible; to Cook, that means taking the time for important events and being willing to work longer hours on another day.

“My motto is, I can live with guilt but not regret,” Cook said. You can’t be everywhere all the time, but you also don’t want to miss life’s important moments.

“Make judgment calls, and the rest will fall in line.”

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