Data Center 2020: 3 Trends Changing the Game for Partners

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… VoIP and hosted VoIP long before we had products or a selection of partners to choose from or platforms. Now, that’s arguably one of the fastest growing segments of business for many attendees at the show, but it took years to happen.

Technology Source's Nancy Ridge

Technology Source’s Nancy Ridge

If you flash back to the last Channel Partners Evolution D.C., [two years ago], we were talking about SD-WAN. And it’s only been the last 12-24 months that you’ve seen wholesale adoption in the marketplace.

Partners educate the clients. They’re behind us so we have to stay ahead; we’re the trusted advisers.

JS: We’re going to talk about topics that many attendees have no clue what we’re talking about. Many partners, agents in particular, have been in the business for 20 years and can help you with an internet connectivity project at 100 locations but they don’t know much about data centers. That’s just the reality. The people on this panel are data center experts; I’ve toured 500 data centers around the world.

By attending this session, partners can learn something about data centers for their business or maybe they’ll decide it’s important to partner with other companies with data-center expertise on projects.

In fact, I believe there will be a lot of partnering because there’s so much money to be made. Instead of making 100% of nothing, these folks can make 5% of something.

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