Cytracom Channel Chief: Lots of Changes Coming


… financial benefits, for MSPs to continue to growth their partnerships with Cytracom. That’s probably the biggest, most exciting news, but there [are] lots of changes coming. We will be introducing the partner program in [the first quarter].

CP: What sort of feedback have you received from partners? Also, did their feedback come into play while formulating the partner program?

DG: I have spoken to a couple of our partners, and members of our executive team and channel team have gathered feedback from our partners as to what’s going well and what could we be doing better. And there [are] various components of the partner program that will incentivize partners to grow that partnership, but also to position us more competitively in the market. There’s been a lot of feedback gathered from our partners and there will be a lot more gathered from partners as we’re introducing this plan and engaging more feedback.

Another key strategic plan that we have is to introduce our partner advisory council — and that will be a [first quarter] goal. That will allow us to gather a lot more feedback on our process, on our products and how to continue to successfully grow our partnerships with MSPs.

CP: What do you want partners to know about you and what it’s like to work with you?

DG: I think a lot of MSP owners and operators know me. I’ve been very active in the channel for many years and attending many, many events. A couple of years ago I spent 150 days on the road traveling to events all across North America to connect with MSPs directly. So I think a lot of them know my voice. They may not know this current voice, though. Some know the story of how many years ago I started losing my voice due to overuse and misuse, and it was a three-year journey and a couple of surgeries for me to repair that voice. So it’s interesting that I’m bringing a new voice that’s not as raspy or weak as some of them might be used to, so I’m excited to bring that. I bring a lot of energy to the space and I love getting the opportunity to connect directly with small business owners and talk about some of the challenges … and talk about some solutions to overcoming those challenges and focusing on how small businesses can continue to grow, maximize profits and continue to employ the majority of America and North America.

CP: What do you hope to have accomplished a year from now?

DG: For me it ties back to the “why Cytracom?” There’s a very clear goal for us from a revenue perspective and I think any sales leader needs to start there as the No. 1 measurement of success. So at the end of 2019 [if] we have doubled the revenue, then I’ll believe that we’ve [been] successful. Growth is No. 1 for me, so we’ve grown Cytracom, we’ve grown the human resources and a number of other resources. We’ve introduced a number of other assets to better support our partners and grow those partnerships, and to better support their customers to ensure that Cytracom is positioned as the best option for voice continuity in the MSP market. We’re not looking to compete in other markets; there’s a lot of competition in VoIP. We’re very focused on MSPs and we want to be positioned as the only option for VoIP in the space.

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