Cylance’s Dayton: ‘We Want Partners to Be The Heroes’

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… the volume of partners that are offering managed services, so it’s not just service, installation and deployment, it’s monitoring services and someone assuming the day-to-day risks and eyes on keyboard to make sure that those operations are actually running.

CP: Where do you go from here? You have unicorn status, so what’s next for the company?

DD: A couple of things. One, we’re branching out into more of a platform direction. Customers want simplicity in not only their procurement but also in the deployment and management of systems.

Customers – especially large enterprises – are leveraging SIEM solutions, they’re leveraging orchestration, automation systems, just to reduce the amount of tasks that humans have to do, and so a big push for us is leveraging the power of the architecture itself and creating more of a defensible architecture.

Cylance is also expanding across not only our traditional prevention, but we just added an amazing EDR solution, and we’ll also be adding identity and making sure that users are who they say they are.

Longer-term strategies will incorporate both regulatory management and partners being able to offer extended contracts and services. We’re going deeper into international markets, expanding across Europe, and we’ll be adding more distribution support for our smaller partners here in the U.S.

CP: What else should we know?

DD: We’re all about community building, so there are two things that we’ve done in our channel program. One is that we allow partners to give a subscription for one year to the nonprofit customer of their choice. That’s because we recognize that nonprofits are vulnerable, and also because we want partners to be the hero.

We also give partners access to the technology for internal use. We have 204 partners today, rapidly expanding to 250, that use Cylance technology to protect their internal systems.

And we look at sales, technical and financial capacity, so we’ve been building out a $2 billion financial capacity. And then in terms of technical reach, we have 500 architects that are fully trained and certified.

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