Cylance’s Dayton: ‘We Want Partners to Be The Heroes’

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… artificial intelligence. What we’ve done differently is, we’ve patented the methodology, so we’ve got 15 patents, but we’ve also taken a pure channel approach. We’re 100-percent channel as a company. We’ve got the traditional tiers within our partner programs, but then we also added some unique identifiers within the program, like access to our executive team.

We have a very close-knit partner advisory community, and we run quarterly meetings so that partners have hands-on access to our execs. They help us with everything from naming our program to identifying features that are relevant to customers to setting the strategy as far as midmarket versus large enterprise. They take a very hands-on approach with how we run our business, and we want to stay very closely aligned with how they run theirs.

CP: Do you work with distributors?

DD: We do. Outside of the U.S., we’re exclusively two-tier. In the U.S., we’re two tier exclusively for two segments, and that is with CDW because they needed a predictable turnaround time on quotes and orders, and then also with our federal space. For our federal partners, our GSA schedule holder is FedResults with Carahsoft.

Globally we leverage Westcon and a number of other really great value-added distributors. They help us get the reach that we need.

CP: What are partners hearing from customers?

DD: We had one multimillion-dollar deal come in last quarter because we had a customer that was in a breach situation, and the two CISOs knew one another, and the CISO that we had helped out – we actually went on-site and helped them out of a huge problem – he called his buddy and was like, “You need this. This is definitely the right way to go.”

CP: You can’t buy the sort of advertising of one CISO calling another and saying, “They came out to help me.”

DD: I know. And it’s a tight-knit community, because they have so many vendors to deal with. Look at how many vendors are in the market — I think it’s like 1,600. A lot of our customers have come to us and said, “Within my ELA there [are] 30 products, but we only use five, maybe six of them.” So now they’re doing this rationalization process where they’re going through line item by line item – and procurement teams are doing this as well – picking out the technology that they don’t want to pay for anymore.

The partner has a pivotal role in helping the customer identify what still works and what’s relevant.

CP: Are you secure that Cylance makes that cut?

DD: Our customers are at 86 percent utilization. They actually use us in blocking mode, and that’s such a huge differentiator. They trust that our artificial intelligence can make the right decision in the blink of an eye.

We might miss one sample out of 100, but everyone else so far has been missing like 50 samples out of 100, or if it’s optimized, maybe they get to 70. But when those systems go offline and all those other security controls are cloud-dependent, now they plummet down to …

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