CSP NETWORK: Product Showcase

Integrated Research Offers Assessment Software

Integrated Research Ltd. now offers an enhanced version of its Prognosis IP Telephony Assessor, which analyzes network readiness for VoIP, particularly in multisite organizations.

The assessor simulates VoIP traffic and records the effect on the network in real time. It monitors call quality and highlights the limitations of current network devices to support IP telephony. The analysis is used to increase efficiency, ensure voice quality and lower the cost of ownership of deploying IP telephony solutions into existing data networks, Integrated Research says.

Upgrade enhancements to the Prognosis IP Telephony Assessor include post-assessment reports that summarize the networks readiness for VoIP, as well as an in-depth technical evaluation.

Apparent Networks Releases Enterprise Edition

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Apparent Networks Inc. introduced last fall the Enterprise Voice version of its AppareNet product suite. AppareNet Enterprise Voice addresses all three phases required of VoIP implementation: pre-deployment analysis, break-fix troubleshooting, and ongoing monitoring for day-to-day quality assurance.

AppareNets agent-free technology differs from traditional VoIP evaluation techniques that rely on sparse sampling. It evaluates Internet connections without having to schedule network downtime or deploying expensive hardware to remote locations. Network analysis can be completed in a few hours. And the company says use is intuitive so it can be used right out of the box.

Fluke Debuts VoIP Test Tool

Fluke Networks has introduced a new inline network test tool, NetTool VoIP, that provides troubleshooting with an edge testing approach. The tool combines testing of cables, network, IP phones and PC configurations into a single device. The tool is designed to be used by front-line technicians, so fewer problems are escalated to higherlevel engineers with more complex tools. NetTool VoIP gives the ability to monitor VoIP service at the edge, enabling technicians to see into VoIP calls by connecting between the phone and the network. Technicians can see the quality of calls in progress by measuring the RTP stream and displaying the number of frames, frames dropped, outof- sequence frames and jitter. Call setup, configuration and tear-down signaling all are visible to the user.

Empirix Forges New Hammer Suite Studio for VoIP

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Empirix Inc., a supplier of VoIP testing systems, has introduced Hammer Suite Studio, an automated environment for stress and feature testing of VoIP applications.

Hammer Suite Studio enables users to customize test software and templates, while providing repeatable test scenarios. It also provides new tools to speed analysis of test results. The product initially is focused on testing of CLASS (Custom Local Area Signaling Service) feature scenarios for SIP devices and switching systems, and it runs on the Hammer FX-IP platform.

Viola Networks Offers NetAlly RealTime

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Viola Networks offers NetAlly RealTime for lifecycle management of VoIP implementation and support. It provides an end-to-end call-quality picture by delivering statistics on time of call, duration of call, source and destination IP addresses, average delay, average jitter, loss percent, number of packets sent, number of packets received, number of packets lost, and Mean Opinion Score of the call.

The product supports Cisco Call Manager, Innovaphone and Mitel IP PBXs.

Statistics are imported and aggregated to allow trending and reporting of actual call quality statistics by PBX, subnet and users by hour, day, week and month. These reports will allow managers to track actual call quality over time and view trends to allow for future capacity planning.

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