CRM Meets Revenue Assurance

Posted: 2/2004

1. Sales qualifies each request through a single interface,
consolidated product catalog and required data fields. 2. The system
determines who needs to be involved, what information to send them and
synthesizes their input into a proposed solution.

3. Economic models are automatically populated with
product, service, location, requested pricing and allowable pricing to
speed analysts decision-making. 4. The system determines approvers and
automatically routes information to them. Deals cannot move ahead without
all approvals. 5. The system automatically builds site-specific, clean
contract packages.

6.The system automatically translates the service schedule
into appropriate orders and verifies contract details. 7. The system
updates all people and systems charged with account installation and
maintenance-relevant contract details. 8. Reporting tools enable
visibility and analysis to manage nonstandard business.

Source: Bluespring Software Inc.

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