CP360 Winners Spotlight: Infinit Consulting, LanYap Networks, Shamrock Consulting Group


Succeeding in today’s rapidly evolving channel increasingly requires thinking outside the box, and going above and beyond the norm.

During the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, April 17-20, in Las Vegas, three winners of the 2018 Channel Partners 360° Business Value Awards – Infinit Consulting, LanYap Networks and Shamrock Consulting Group – will provide an inside look at the projects that earned them that designation, loyal customers and recurring revenue.

Infinit’s offering provided a retail cosmetics giant with: improved agility, flexibility and omnichannel fulfillment; improved operational efficiency and increased productivity; cost savings of about $340,000 through standardized connectivity; and increased revenue through greater systems availability and network infrastructure stability that enable retail store point-of-sale (POS) system transaction processing.

Because of LanYap’s offering, Arizona Biological Control’s productivity is up significantly, thanks to anytime-anywhere access to applications and critical data, and call-center personnel being able to focus 100 percent on customer experience and not deal with system outage issues.

And Shamrock’s offering provided a single, simplified network for a public utility that had grown through multiple large acquisitions and, as a result, had four different MPLS networks, disparate data centers and a complex IPSec network connecting hundreds of sites.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners/Channel Futures, Jerod Powell, Infinit’s president and founder, Angie Tocco, LanYap’s co-founder, Paul Cooney, Shamrock’s president and founder, and Ben Ferguson, Shamrock’s vice president and senior network architect, give a sneak peak of the information they plan to share with attendees.

Channel Partners/Channel Futures: What was the main objective of your project? What was the thought process going in?

Jerod Powell: There were three main objectives to this project. Our first was to solve immediate issues considered to be material to day-to-day operations, our second was to ensure the technology and solutions implemented created long-term value aligned with the clients desired business objectives, and the third was to create standards and a highly scalable architecture that would support rapid growth and retail expansion.

LanYap Networks' Angie Tocco

LanYap Networks’ Angie Tocco

Our thought process is very similar for all of our client engagements; we use Infinit’s proprietary three-stage digital transformation (DX) methodology and prescriptive six-step DX Journey that focuses on a correct foundation, operational optimization and business transformation through technology. This allows us to drive an ‘outcomes-first’ approach for our clients.

Angie Tocco: To provide cloud-based reliable service to a customer that was struggling with their current vendor and long down times in general, (and) to provide efficiencies that were lacking in (its) current premises-based environment.

Paul Cooney: The customer had grown exponentially through acquisition and was facing a huge challenge as a result. They had multiple MSPs managing all of their Cisco routers, so whenever there was an issue between …

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