CP List Revisited: 20 Top UCaaS Providers for 2019


Twenty, 20

Microsoft logo 2018Microsoft

Microsoft is on the offensive to remain among the top UCC players, and has made significant strides in the last year targeting field workers, mobile employees and front-line workers with Teams, Castanon-Martinez said.

“End-customer expectations are being shaped by two things,” Arnold said. “One is the changing way that their workers engage with technology to do things, and also the expectations of their customers. They’re seeing that to keep their end customers happy, the premises-based technology that they’ve used is coming up against a lot of limitations. They cannot provide multichannel communication, can’t readily access the information within their own organization as needed to address customer needs, and similarly for the workers within their organizations, they’re bringing their consumer experiences into the workplace … and they want the same experience in the workplace.”

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