CP List Revisited: 20 Top UCaaS Providers for 2019


Twenty, 20

Fuze logoFuze

Castanon-Martinez and McBain cited Fuze as a successful provider, and Transparency Market Research lists Fuze among the five leading global UCaaS companies.

In addition, Fuze was the winner of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for technology in the voice-centric collaboration category. The award recognizes providers leveraging visionary use of technology to not only adapt as markets change, but to actively disrupt and inform how their markets will evolve.

Google logoGoogle

Another player to keep an eye on this year is Google, which at last year’s Cloud Next announced an enterprise version of Google Voice for G Suite users, available via an early adopter program, Castanon-Martinez said. Though not yet generally available, the addition of Google Voice should bridge the gap with key players Cisco and Microsoft, which leverage voice communications as a central component of their respective productivity and collaboration portfolios.

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