CP List Revisited: 20 Top SD-WAN Providers for 2019

Twenty, 20

Mako Networks

Mako Networks logoMako Networks integrates cloud management and reporting, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE failover, VPN cloud, firewalls, end-to-end PCI DSS certification and content filtering into one system.

“We’re seeing less of a focus on cost savings and more of a focus on other advantages like redundancy and more forward thinking around security,” Paparizos said. “By changing the architecture from hub and spoke to one where internet is used as the primary connectivity resource at the remote sites, we move from one point of ingress and egress to hundreds. We’re starting to see more of a focus on security conversations and features with particular emphasis on cloud. The goal is the provide a client deep visibility into the network so that they can easily spot a security attack. Most clients are opting for managed SD-WAN services, electing not to self-manage. There is a market for MSPs that are able to provide white glove SD-WAN management post deployment.”

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