CP List Revisited: 20 Top SD-WAN Providers for 2019

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CloudGenix logoReynolds said CloudGenix is a noteworthy SD-WAN provider.

“The industry is moving in a direction of ‘experience first,'” he said. ” Customers are expecting (not at a premium) white glove service. Most providers will sell a solution, even as a managed service, and leave the customer to figure out the implementation. We have seen great success from CloudGenix in this area. They go above and beyond, and guide the customer through the next steps after signature.  A ‘good’ provider will jump on calls to screen share and walk the customer through configuration/deployment with the help of diagrams.  Attention to detail goes well with customers.”


CradlePoint logoIn January, Cradlepoint began offering customers a subscription-based pricing model, providing its wireless router, along with its software, on a subscription basis for one, three or five years. More than 27,000 enterprise and government organizations globally, including 75 percent of the world’s top retailers, 50 percent of the Fortune 100, and first-responder agencies in 10 of the largest U.S. cities, use Cradlepoint to keep branches, points of commerce, field forces, vehicles and IoT devices connected and protected.

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