Covaro: No More Finger-pointing

Covaro Networks President and CEO Joe Bass says the company’s new product rolled out in October at TELECOM ’04 is getting unexpected interest from Ethernet wholesalers, which are looking at its demarcation capabilities as a way to draw lines between themselves and their resellers.

It’s an end to finger-pointing, says Bass, explaining that the capability enables a service provider to tell where problems lie. This in turn enables providers to offer SLAs and charge for classes of service.

The new CC-410 supplies Covaro’s Etherjack demarcation functionality for existing Ethernet transport systems, providing both a network interface device (NID) and a service user network interface. The NID gives service providers the ability to monitor, test, loopback and manage services remotely over any facility. This capability - referred to as operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) - is possible on both sides (network interface and/or customer) of the demarcation point.

Covaro’s CC-410

While intended to provide demarcation between a carrier’s network and its users’ networks for the purposes of troubleshooting, the CC-410 is able to serve as a carrier-to-carrier demarcation point for wholesale Ethernet service handoff. The performance-monitoring capability allows a carrier to verify that traffic is good at the time of receipt and continues to be so as it crosses carrier boundaries - up to and through its time of delivery.

The company explains: When service provider A leases a line from service provider B, service provider A can place a CC-410 Etherjack demarcation device at the carrier handoff point. This will supply provider A with visibility on either side of the handoff point. Service provider A can be sure the data is handed off with no issues. Or, if it is determined that there is data being lost, provider A will be able to use the CC-410 to determine on which side of the handoff the problem has occurred and whose responsibility it is to fix the problem.


Covaro Networks

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