Coronavirus Threat: Big Opportunities for Video Conferencing in the Channel


Group videoconferencing

… file sharing, but transplanting authentic human relationships and collaboration to digital without risking exposure to potential illness. We are also sharing all of our learnings and tips/tricks such as how to efficiently work remotely to partners and customers.”

Work from home for associates has moved from a designed plan for IT and HR organizations to a critical “do it now” issue virtually overnight, said Scott Kinka, Evolve IP‘s chief technical and product development officer and founding partner. Collaboration and meeting tools, access management, and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) are all a major focus right now, he said.

Evolve IP's Scott Kinka

Evolve IP’s Scott Kinka

“Evolve IP’s technologies are purpose-built to enable employees to work from home and it’s been great to see our clients take advantage of the tools,” he said. “Collaboration and unified communications (UC) are two of the primary technologies they have been using. Also, starting several weeks ago, our clients also began requesting that we deploy virtual workspaces to help with remote working. Knowing that their associates have secure access to all of their applications – both SaaS and hosted on-premises – has given them a great sense of relief.”

Social distancing is the term that’s being used as a primary way to prevent coronavirus. Working from home provides that physical space, and with the right tools will actually make employees more productive while keeping them secure, said Kinka.

“We recently surveyed IT professionals and executives, and the average respondent noted that they were able to work 16 more hours per week using work-from-home tools,” he said.

There’s a lot that channel partners can be doing to help businesses with the coronavirus issue, Kinka noted.

“For businesses that want to quickly deploy identity and access management (IAM) tools, there are solutions like Clearlogin that can be stood up in a couple of hours,” he said. “These will help secure employees that are working on their own devices and are on a home network. Partners can also provide valuable advice on best practices around collaboration governance and how to use the remote-work features of their UCaaS solution. But the reality is that for most businesses it’s probably too late to make a major technology change. After things have settled down, partners need to go into their clients and say, ‘Let’s get you better prepared for the next flu season or virus outbreak.’ BYOD policies, work-from-home strategies and the tools that drive both should be part of the way businesses operate every day, not just in scenarios like coronavirus.”

Avaya said it will provide its Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to educational institutions, including colleges and universities, along with qualified nonprofit organizations globally. Since January, Avaya has seen a 200% increase in video collaboration traffic on this platform.

Avaya has been keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 epidemic, and “taking action globally to assist colleagues, customers and partners deal with this challenge,” said Frank Ciccone, Avaya’s senior vice president and general manager of North America sales and service delivery.

Avaya's Frank Ciccone

Avaya’s Frank Ciccone

“With 4 million UC and contact center seats in the state, local and education (SLED) market, we understand this sector and are moving quickly to help,” he said. “In addition, we are donating Avaya audio and video equipment to hospitals fighting the epidemic, providing vital tools to help medical personal on the front lines. We’ve helped state governments get emergency contact centers up and running within hours to address inquiries from citizens. We are also working with partners and customers to leverage our solutions to facilitate remote work use cases, and provide Avaya contact center solutions that empower remote agents, to help address the health and safety concerns for contact center staff. As a technology company that specializes in communications and collaboration, we are in a unique position to step up and make a positive impact, and we are making every effort to do that.”

Laura Padilla, Zoom‘s head of global business development and channel, said her company is “doing …

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