COMPTEL Elects New Board Members

COMPTEL members elected new representatives to its board of directors at its annual meeting held at the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo. The board also re-elected Sherm Henderson, president and CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions LLC, as its chairman.

COMPTEL Chairman Sherm Henderson

The association reelected three directors in the small-member category, including Ron Contrado, President and CEO of Homisco/VoiceNet; David Malfara, president and CEO of Remi Communications Inc.; and Ron Harden, executive vice president of Vox Communications Corp. Bettina Cardon, CEO of Fones4All Inc., was elected to a first term representing the small-member category, which includes companies of annual revenue of less than $25 million.

In the medium-member category, which includes companies with annual revenue of $25 million to $300 million, three board members were re-elected. They include Russ Merbeth, federal counsel of Eschelon Telecom Inc.; John Sumpter, vice president, regulatory, for Pac-West Telecomm Inc.; and Jim Butman, president of sales, marketing and customer operations of TDS Metrocom. Two new board members were added, including David Eckmann, director contracts and regulatory affairs for FPL Fibernet LLC, and Gavin McCarty, chief legal officer for Globalcom Inc.

In the large-member category, which includes companies with annual revenue more than $300 million, four board seats remained with the incumbents. These included Scott Widham, president, corporate development for Broadwing Communications LLC; Norman Rosenberg, CFO of IDT Corp.; Jerry Watts, vice president, government and industry affairs for ITC^DeltaCom Inc.; and James Akerhielm, CEO of Nuvox Communications. Mae Squier-Dow, president of network services for One Communications, is a new representative in the large-company tier.

Broadwing Communications LLC
Eschelon Telecom Inc.
Fones4All Inc.
FPL Fibernet LLC
Globalcom Inc.
IDT Corp.
ITC^DeltaCom Inc.
Lightyear Network Solutions LLC
Nuvox Communications
One Communications
Pac-West Telecomm Inc.
Remi Communications Inc.
TDS Metrocom
Vox Communications Corp.

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