ColoTraq Debuts Referral Program


ColoTraq, a telecom B2B marketplace pioneer, is launching a referral program wherein it will pay a percentage of monthly recurring fees for two years for any business closed from referrals to its telecom marketplace. There are no quotas or commitments, and the program is non-exclusive. The ColoTraq telecom marketplace offers connectivity, colocation, managed services and equipment, on ColoTraqs worldwide footprint.

Because our marketplace is so comprehensive and our customer service and follow-up is so effective, our referral program is able to combine the highest commissions with the greatest number of closed deals, said Dany Bouchedid, ColoTraq CEO. That means the best return for the referring partner. Its not often that such little effort pays off in such great rewards. Its practically a free lunch.

Within one business day of receiving the referral, a designated ColoTraq client support specialist will contact the client to discuss his or her needs and provide free consultation, if required. Within two business days, the client will receive quotes and proposals from several service providers who offer solutions that meet his or her requirements. Since the client has a choice of providers competing for the business, referring a lead to ColoTraq is much more likely to result in a closed, commissiongenerating deal than if the referring partner had sent the lead directly to only one provider, a spokesperson said.

No matter how specialized, technical and specific or complex and diverse, virtually any client, with any telecom need, can be referred without further qualification, said the spokesperson. Moreover, the referring partner stands to benefit from all the crosssell business generated when the deal closes.


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