Cisco Vet Becomes Rubrik’s First Chief Commercial Officer



… listening to partners, customers and employees to understand their view of the landscape and how we should continue to innovate and evolve. That priority will remain constant in this role. Partners will be a tremendous force multiplier for Rubrik and bring important value added capabilities and services resulting in 1+1 = 3, and that’s very powerful.  We also have the opportunity to lean into relationships through our Technology Alliance Program, and it’ll be exciting to work with the team to expand functionality through this program as well.

CP: What’s at the top of your to-do list?

WB: In my first 90 days with Rubrik, a lot of my time will be spent understanding our ecosystems experience with Rubrik: what partners and customers love, what can we improve, and how can we accelerate growth together.

I also plan to take time to focus on internal alignment among our go-to-market functions from sales to alliances, to channel and services to ensure that we are properly aligned to continue our explosive growth.

CP: What do you hope to have accomplished a year from now?

WB: Looking back a year from now, I’m hopeful to have contributed to Rubrik’s elevation as a world-class technology powerhouse. This is a great opportunity to take what I’ve learned over the years, apply it and help Rubrik become a multibillion-dollar company that can help partners around the world with driving exponential growth and value. Rubrik has had tremendous execution over the past five years, and I’m excited to work with Brett and the team to take Rubrik to the next level.

The most important thing for the channel is to continue to ensure Rubrik has connected alignment across sales, alliances, channel and professional services to delight customers, and provide profitability and growth for our partners. If a year from now, these functions provide the connective tissue for partner profitability and success, then it will have been a very good year.

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