Channel Partners News – VoIP Stars in a New Education Track!

The Channel Partners Conference & Expo is adding a third education track at its spring event. Conceived by show organizers as a mini-conference on VoIP, the track brings together a constellation of experts and industry movers to lay out the markets, the opportunities and the technology for partners. Conference organizers want attendees to take away not only a thorough understanding of the various types of IP telephony for businesses, but also how to position them and correctly match solutions to customers.

The most common IP telephony pitch for the SMB is the IP PBX just like a key system in many ways, only fully IP-enabled with all the bells and whistles, like unified messaging and four-digit dialing for remote workers. Some IP PBXs are hybrid models, offering businesses the ability to have POTS lines along with VoIP. The IP PBX is becoming a play for larger enterprises now, too, which widens the addressable market for the savvy channel partner. The first session, The IP PBX Initiation, will talk about how channel partners can come to the table with hybrid and all-IP PBXs, and the implementation, phones and feature sets involved. Find out how you can make money helping customers migrate their business telephone systems to IP functionality.

A second session, Looking into LAN Telephony, will examine options beyond the IP PBX. Data vendors have created flexible LAN telephony solutions that replace traditional telephone lines and PBXs by running voice over data networks. A LAN telephony system requires a device to process incoming and outgoing calls, and typically a voice gateway that connects the LAN telephony system to the PSTN. Each telephone on the LAN has its own network address and converts audio signals to digitized packets. Find out when and where LAN telephony makes sense in this in-depth session.

For some customers, combining voice and data in the LAN is intimidating; perhaps their IT resources are constrained, or theyre not ready to commit to the equipment investment necessary for premise-based solutions. These customers are candidates for a hosted IP telephony service thats managed remotely by service providers like Covad Communications Group. Learn to identify these candidates, ascertain the readiness of their data infrastructures and position some of the more flexible migration strategies in the Hawking Hosted IP Telephony session.

Finally, during Tackling VoIP in the WAN, our experts will address common misperceptions customers have when talking VoIP. If you say VoIP and your customer thinks Internet, theres no wonder theyre concerned about quality and reliability. To be sure, there are differences between bring your own broadband and managed VoIP carried on a private IP network. Discover the options available so you can make the best price-quality recommendations for your customers and their headquarters, branch or telecommuter locations.

Finally, during Adding Video to VoIP, our experts will show that a picture really is is worth a thousand words…but it doesnt have to be expensive. Video over IP for point-to-point, multipoint conferencing, broadcast and surveillance applications delivers TV-quality picture at a lower cost than conventional solutions. Find out how it works and how you can sell it.

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