Channel Partners News – Dont Miss TAG Certification

Dont Miss TAG Certification

To be held Monday, March 22, from 9 a.m.-noon, and free with full
package registration

These concurrent seminars will give you the knowledge you need to run a savvy
channel partner business. Find out how to position services or get the scoop on
evaluating vendor choices. Both of these business strategies sessions will give
you important fuel for getting ahead.

Track One: Marketing for Success

Find out how to maximize each sales opportunity from a marketing perspective.

* Product Bundling

Learn to maximize every sales attempt, by bundling products such as local,
long distance and Internet. Bundling does more than increase revenue: It
stimulates customer retention.

* Targeting Integrated Services

Integrated services consist of multiple functionalities, so how do you find
the right fit for the customers applications? This topic shows you how to
find the optimum target customer.

* Communications/Collateral

Find out how to soften the market with focused communications/collateral. How
do you know who to target?


John Irwin, Vice President of Marketing, BellSouth Telecommunications Inc.

Phil Hinson, Senior Associate Vice President of Marketing, BellSouth
Telecommunications Inc.

Track Two: How to Build a Good Channel Business

Preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing. Find out how
to build a good channel business in this interactive seminar.

* Before You Sign

What are the top 10 things you need to know before you commit to a vendor?
Every vendor program is unique and so is every agent. Learn how to identify the
key elements to help you evaluate if a vendor program is the right fit for you.

* Structuring Your Business

This class is designed to help you determine your true return on investment
by understanding the key components to address with your vendor. It will include
sample templates to calculate success.

* Ramping Up

Adding a a new carrier and expanding your product portfolio? This session
includes sample templates and project plans that speak to the following:

  • On-Boarding… What is it?
  • Do you and your vendor have the time, tools and resources?
  • How doing it right can impact the success of a new partnership.


Lark Greene, Chief Business Development Manager, BellSouth Telecommunications

Wanda Rice, Senior Partner Integration Manager, BellSouth Telecommunications

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Your TAG Certificate gets you valuable discounts on future training

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