Channel Partners News – A Sneak Peek at the Wireless Conference Track

A Sneak Peek at the Wireless Conference Track

Tara Seals and Paula Bernier

The Channel Partners Conference & Expo has planned a two-session track
dedicated to wireless service opportunities in Wi-Fi, mobile and fixed wireless.

Please see the agenda, here:

In Wi-Fi, uncover business opportunities along the broadband wireless service
delivery chain and profit from the growing demand for enterprise-class wireless
LAN and public hotspots. These discussions won’t stop at the network edge but
will zero in on customer touch points — from revenue-sharing deals with premise
owners to installation, maintenance and monitoring of CPE to billing, roaming
and customer care.

According to a survey of 600 online Americans conducted by professional
research firm InsightExpress, Wi-Fi adoption is blossoming, with 10 percent of
online Americans wirelessly connected. The study revealed that more than three
in five (or 61 percent) of home Wi-Fi users say that they are more productive
since they started using the technology, while almost two in five (38 percent)
say they actually work more since they’ve unwired.

Additionally, forty percent of Wi-Fi users have accessed a hot spot outside
their home, and half say they’re more likely to patronize a business that offers
Wi-Fi. More than half of those hot spotters would choose an ISP with hot spot
access over one without.

Theres no way an agent can ignore this opportunity, says Jay Lewis,
panelist, master agent and co-founder of Wi-Fi Guys LLC, a hotspot provider with
an extensive agent program.

The other panelists in the session are Eric DaVersa, director of sales at
SkyRiver Communications Inc. and Doug Huemme, director of marketing at Strix
Systems Inc., who both will bring their unique perspectives in how partners can
cash in with this rapidly growing technology. SkyRiver provides a turn-key,
high-speed wireless Internet access solution for hotels, resorts and conference
centers, while Strix offers Access/One wireless network systems for
enterprises which include the management and security businesses currently have
in a wired network.

The session on mobile and fixed wireless will focus on generating new revenue
streams with mobile phone service and fixed wireless applications, such as
wireline replacement in the home and least-cost routing for businesses. Large
companies can use wireless applications to move goods and services, connect
workers in the field and access information when needed, on-the-fly. That
translates into bolstered productivity for companies ranging from manufacturers
to hospitals. This session tells you how to solve your clients business needs
and get the sale.

Wireless is a more convenient and less expensive solution for businesses,
so the embedded based of wireline is eroding rapidly, says panelist John
Horn, national director of the VAR channel at T-Mobile. So agents need to
take advantage of that. If you dont have a wireless play, its not a very
good way to go.

During the session, Horn will discuss the growth of the wireless industry and
how it affects wireline carriers and the channel. He will also talk about the
growth of wireless data and its impact on the embedded data network.

BBR Wireless Management, which helps businesses audit and manage their
wireless services, relies exclusively on agents to distribute its services, says
panelist Jim Carroll, who is CEO at the company. During the session, Carroll
plans to discuss various fixed and mobile wireless solutions and important
issues surrounding the wireless marketplace.

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