Channel Partners Asks: What Is Your Business Goal for 2011?

My two primary goals are easy. I need to pay better attention to my revenue stream reporting and base management. On the service side, my goal is dont lose a single client. Not one. From a sales perspective, I need to bring on at least $500,000 in new billing next year.”

Dale Bohannon, President, IP Distribution Systems LLC, independent agent


Our business goal for 2011 is to further differentiate our organization via transition to our new software tools, continuous development of our teams knowledge and capabilities and implementation of unique strategies and models in an environment that increasingly demands sophisticated, consultative selling and high-quality, hands-on after sales support. In tandem, we will hire additional members to direct sales team and augment our operations team to continue our aggressive growth trajectory.”

David Gardner, President/CEO,

Advantage Communications Group

, master agent


My overall goal for Global Systems is to grow our business 20 to 30 percent. We are continuing our focus on expanding our agent base and have an agreement to provide telecom services to the CMAA (Country Club Managers Association of America) and its 4,000 members. We will also be offering energy (electric and gas) in 2011.”

Mark A. Solomon, President,

Global Systems Telecom Inc

., master agent


Our goals at the Wireless Business Owners Association for 2011 are to help our agent members to increase sales and profitability by researching and introducing six new, complementary high-margin products with low costs of entry; identifying four new services that agents can offer that will add incremental profit to their customer relationships; and providing relevant, monthly strategic advice on the specific best practices that agents are using to grow their business.”

Mark Landiak, Executive Director, WIBOC, association

“Throughout our 16-year history, Intelisys has continuously focused on perfecting our brand. Built on the premise that we exist in support of the channels top producers and that our objectives are not based on our needs, but rather the needs of our sales partners, we are extremely proud of what our brand has come to symbolize security, stability and support for the channels Best of the Best. Our 2011 business goals only deepen our conviction to continue achieving that unique value proposition. Programs such as the Partner Investment Program will assist our sales partners in reinvesting in their businesses and achieving the accelerated financial growth they seek. Our Club TPC benefits, which include best business practices and mentoring programs, provide them with the most efficient back-office processes and business tools to grow their businesses. As we build new partnerships, we provide them and their businesses with extraordinary support, exclusive advantages and prestigious affiliations. I see 2011 being more than ever about trusted relationships, security and stability.“  

Mike McKenney, Vice President Partner Sales,


, master agent

My business goal for 2011 is to identify ways to further enhance the New Edge Networks Agent Channel. The ultimate goal is to continue the current channel neutral structure, but at the same time we would like to identify ways to add value to our partners, resulting in more consistent production in line with our contract commitments.”

J.R. Cook, Vice President – Agent Channel, New Edge Networks, network service provider


In short the 2011 business goal for Nitel is to expand. Nitel will be expanding product line, suppliers, sales force, sales channel and customers served. We will be launching a nationwide SIP offering in Q1 through a newly developed inside sales force (16 new sales people) and select master agents selling directly to the SMB market. We are also refocusing our customer retention team and strategy.”

Rick Stern, CEO,


, network service provider


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