Channel Marketing: Challenges Indeed, But Opportunities Await


… what they’ve always been, which is if you’re [a vendor] trying to sell a product through another entity, you need them to come on board and adopt your value proposition and push your messages out.

Achieve Unite's Kathryn Rose

Achieve Unite’s Kathryn Rose

Today, it’s not like the partner has a vendor logo on their website or has a sticker in their window saying, “I’m a valued partner.” The logos of the vendors are becoming less important and the MSPs are marketing themselves as the solution and often want to be vendor-agnostic.

CP/CF: Why should partners attend the upcoming session on channel marketing?

TK: They’ll hear from versed marketing experts from different areas of the channel. For example, I’m in the federal space and there are a lot of nuances that marketers need to be educated on to be successful. For example, how do customers buy? You also have to be educated on mandates, the federal government budget cycle, and compliance and regulation. Other vertical markets have their own nuances, and learning about your market will go a long way.

If you have any of the top three marketing challenges – budget constraints, time and resources, and the need to evolve your marketing organization – I’d say [those are] reasons to come hear these panelists.

GKT: Attendees will see that they’re not alone. This session will give them a basic understanding of where they can find resources, and what some of the key things are they can do to monetize their customer base and grow it through marketing strategies.

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