Channel Influencer Spotlight: BitTitan’s Geeman Yip On Why the End of the World Isn’t So Bad

2018 Channel Influencer Awards

… a ready-made network of partners, whom he got hooked on his “gateway drug” of email migration.

He continued to build on Microsoft’s capabilities, staying a step ahead of competitors. People wanted collaboration, which grew BitTitan from an email migration solution to a workload migration solution. When Microsoft began including Outlook as part of the 365 subscription, Yip introduced device configuration. As cloud applications exploded, he recognized that his managed-service-provider (MSP) customers were going to demand tools and processes, an epiphany that resulted in MSPComplete for IT services management.

Yip had done it. He’d grown a desire for fun into a struggling startup, and that startup into an industry leader. Going into the Microsoft partnership, he’d sunk around $100,000 of his own money into BitTitan and was looking bankruptcy in the eyes. Before long, BitTitan had close to 100 employees, and it hadn’t even raised its first capital, which came in the form of a $15 million Series A two years ago. And when he looks at where the cloud market is headed, all he sees for BitTitan is success, as long as he stays a step ahead.

The Pivots Just Keep on Coming

At the end of 2016, Yip decided to lay off about 15 percent of the company’s workforce. It wasn’t an easy decision, but BitTitan had accrued “technical debt,” additional workloads that slow growth created by iterating and deploying fast and furious. That debt, says Yip, always has to be paid off someday. Sometimes that results in a reset of sorts.

“Every company and CEO needs to be honest with themselves. Are these the people that are going to be able to take us there? Do we have the right processes and the right systems to get where we need to go in the time frame we need to do it?” he says. “We’re all paranoid, trying to make sure we’re not the next Blockbuster or Kodak.”

Yip calls it BitTitan 2.0, and says it’s all about growth mode. He’s developed what he calls SWAT teams that play on the agile methodology idea, essentially creating “companies within the company” to make decisions faster, execute more efficiently and still maintain that critical atmosphere of fun, where dynamic people work within a team to succeed together.

What Now?

Yip says BitTitan 2.0 is all about solving problems. SaaS, he quips, is not what it once was. No one foresaw either the problems or the promise of SaaS. Yes, SaaS lowers costs and makes workloads easier to manage, but the management and integration of dozens or hundreds of SaaS applications is the new challenge. The market that addresses that challenge is what Yip calls cloud enablement, and he believes it’s going to drive BitTitan’s future success and fundamentally change the modern channel.

As cloud has risen to dominance, it’s enabled an explosion of resellers, service providers, system integrators and application developers, all working to sell and deploy a slew of services, from ITSM to help-desk solutions. The market consolidation we’re beginning to see take off, predicts Yip, will give rise to a new breed of technology and companies that consist of …

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