CenturyLink Unveils Consolidated Partner Program Agreement


… really good with not only the capabilities, but the financial stability of our company going forward.

CP: Anything coming on the horizon that will be beneficial to partners?

LM: I have responsibility not only for the channel, but also for the SMB, and so when we start looking at new product launches, we’re doing new things with Fiber+, which is a solution bundle. We are launching SD-WAN all the way down into small markets. We’re coming out with new security offers. We’ve got security, whether that’s network-based security or premises-based security. So how we’re really trying to look at the market is to say what is any enterprise customer need, from the smallest to the Fortune 100, and say we’ve got a product set to play with that. But we’re one of the providers that can say regardless of the solution, we create them for a global scale and a global audience, and as we look at the enterprise customer, there’s hardly an enterprise that isn’t playing globally, so that’s what we’re really excited about.

GG: And we’ve got a lot of initiatives around improving ease of doing business with our partners. So whether it’s staffing up our support teams or whether it’s improving your digital, external experience with us through our portals and quoting tools, a lot of focus and energy is being placed in that area. We know if we make it easier on our partners to work with us, they’re going to gravitate toward our solutions. We know we have excellent solutions, but we need to make it easy for our partners to work with CenturyLink.

CP: Is security a growing part of CenturyLink’s business and is your company increasing its position in the competitive landscape?

GG: Absolutely. Our focus is both in the cloud and on the premises side, and we can offer hybrid solutions to our customers as well. But there’s an increased focus in general on security, and a good example is our investment on our overlay teams. So we’ve got overlay security specialists that actually help us in the channel, so when channel partners identify opportunities and this may be a new space for them, whether it’s a DDoS opportunity, we can bring in these specialists to assist our channel partners and our channel managers with that opportunity. So big investment in that area.

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