CenturyLink, Level 3 Channel Chiefs: Fierce Competitors Now on Same Team

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… the team to get things done, etc. We’re working with our biggest, our best, our brightest partners, etc., to forge ahead. So for us, yes, titles will change. I, in addition to the strategic partnerships, have our alliances group and Garrett leads the charge in sales. I don’t think the titles are critically important at this moment; we’ll be clear on that after the first of the year, but it will reflect our new jobs and our new focus.

CP: Can you give examples of new opportunities both immediately and in the long term for CenturyLink and Level 3 partners?

GG: CenturyLink now is certainly one of the world’s largest communication providers, and we’ve got an extensive global footprint and an even stronger local presence now, and I would say our team is really dedicated to delivering a better customer and partner experience than anybody else. And I would say the combination of our two talented workforces — if I [were] a partner, I would be getting really excited about that. And that’s something that is coming today. Certainly there [are] going to be additional communications and things that come along the way while we’re on this journey, but those data points I just provided, those are available to our partners and our customers effective today.

JD: I would just add to that we have a rifle-like focus on digital transformation and we couldn’t be more set up for our partners to be successful with us than we are. It’s one-stop shopping. Our partners can come to us and not only can we host all of their applications as the third-largest data center provider in the world, but we can manage their cloud environments, we can provide them network services, managed services and consulting, all of those things across the board. So really the one-stop shop idea with CenturyLink is dead-on, and we will take full advantage of that as we combine the power of these two companies moving forward.

CP: What are you hearing from partners? Do they have any concerns about what’s ahead in terms of consolidation?

JD: I think that anytime you have change, there’s a little bit of trepidation no matter who you are, where you are and what industry you’re in. But I will tell you the feedback from our partners in this particular scenario has been phenomenal. I can’t keep up with all the messages I’ve received via email, text, voice. It’s crazy how many of the partners are calling us and getting in touch with us to talk about how excited they are about this consolidation. The excitement in the marketplace is inspiring and we are hearing over and over again how excited the partners are, not only about the consolidation of the two companies, but the consolidation of all the leadership team and all the people.

GG: We’ve had the opportunity since this was announced over a year ago; we’re out in the field often meeting with our partners and trying to get feedback from them, and everything has been very, very positive — a tremendous amount of excitement on what we’re going to bring to the table as a combined entity. So we were prepared to …

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  1. Avatar Jim Argo January 2, 2018 @ 1:25 pm

    Tcom has a construction and installation services agreement with Level 3, will the agreement be grandfathered with Century Link?

    Jim Argo

  2. Avatar Jim Argo January 2, 2018 @ 1:28 pm


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