Cellular Optimization’s Stacy Whitley: Mobility Overspending a Rampant Problem

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Mobility has become a must-have for just about every business. But how much a company spends on its wireless plan varies greatly. Businesses often don’t realize how much cash they are throwing away.

Stacy Whitley, a channel manager at Cellular Optimization, works with her company to reduce the cost of mobility for other companies.

“Every single company overspends on mobility, period,” Whitley told Channel Partners.

According to Whitley, the lack of a corporate reporting structure is one of the biggest precursors to overspending on mobility.

“What we have found really interesting is that a lot of corporations out there need help with their reporting structure each and every day,” said Whitley.

For example, she says, consider a business that delivers high-end equipment such as large refrigerators to restaurants — its drivers might call in or use an app on their smartphones once the delivery is made. A mobility report can help supervisors track the amount of, say, bandwidth that the drivers are using daily.

Whitley says her last job, with Informa, Channel Partners’ parent company, has helped to mold her current work.

“When I worked at Informa, I got to meet a lot of vendors and a lot of different partners,” said Whitley. “Coming over to work with a managed service provider really helped bridge that gap because I already know a lot of partners in the industry.”

As a channel manager, Whitley helps bring mobility solutions to partners’ practices as well.

“We’ve been helping partners build their mobility into their portfolios. We’ve seen that once they bring one customer in, they then bring in a ton more.”

She compares partners selling mobility for the first time to skydiving.

“So when you skydive, it’s really hard to jump out of that plane because it’s still new and you’re scared and then once you open the chute, it’s like the most amazing experience,” said Whitley.

Whitley suggests several different methods for partners to be successful.

“Going to their spouse’s place of business, talking with their property management, talking to the new couple that was invited to Thanksgiving dinner, and of course reaching out to people on social media,” said Whitley. “I believe there is a skill when doing this but being open to talk to anyone you encounter about business was great advice I received.”

Outside of work, Whitley likes to be active and runs several 5K races throughout the year.

“My favorite runs so far have been the Dirty Girl Mud Run and the Wipeout Run,” said Whitley.

She’s also a bit of a wine aficionado.

“I happen to have a lot of favorite wines but a Caymus Cab is definitely on the top of my list,” said Whitley. “I’m thinking in 2016 of combining the two and doing a wine run!”

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